Every year the prestigious Certificate of Excellence identifies companies as being among the top 2% most successful companies in Macedonia.

The Certificate of Excellence is a long-standing national certificate that gives the selected companies a greater reputation among others and proves that the company is a trustful partner. This certificate of business success is calculated based on 18 performance and liquidity parameters (financial report), company solvency and litigation.

“We’re proud to be among the top 2% companies in Macedonia. Kara5’s presence in Macedonia is almost as strong as our brand’s 7 years of existence, making this recognition a special one, as it celebrates our year-on-year continued business growth. Congratulations to all the team members who worked on making all this possible!” stated Vojdan Karapetkovski, CEO of Kara5.

“Having a strong presence in Macedonia, an EU member candidate state with a highly educated and skilled human resources, Kara5 is well positioned to meet the demands of the clients who want to establish a good balance between quality and cost”. – continued Martin Antonov, Head of Digital of Kara5.

“In spite of the economic environment, our strategy of performing increasing proportions of our work in the DACH region enabled our strong growth and our high-quality digital and web services attracted significant interest from large multinational companies. We will continue to focus on this type of engagements as key driver for our future growth” – concluded Vojdan Karapetkovski, CEO of Kara5.

Focus on large clients

Kara5 is increasing its focus on big multinational clients, who have the capability to significantly expand their activities with Kara5. Currently, nearly 70% of Kara5’s revenues are derived from multinational clients spending their annual marketing budgets on web projects, digital strategy and communication. Working with large clients enabled Kara5 to achieve a significant growth in headcount in its Macedonian delivery centre.

About Kara5

Kara5 is a leading next-gen digital agency that helps clients accelerate their transformation by delivering digital evolution services to enterprises in the DACH region and globally. Committed to providing first-class digital solutions and with its proven track records of successful digital transformation projects, Kara5 takes pride in being a key factor for the strong growth and rapid development of numerous clients of all sizes and industries, such as BMW, MINI, CVA, SpiroChem, JSE and many others. Its one-of-a-kind digital marketing approach based on accurate data and the latest digital technologies meets the most versatile business needs.

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