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Pushing the edge of possibility.

Pushing the edge of possibility.

Kara5’s unique approach to strategy, web and marketing — along with our own decade of evolving — empowers our clients to unlock unique possibilities for sustainable growth and lasting transformation.


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With an end-to-end suite of capabilities.

With an end-to-end suite of capabilities.

Our teams solve the most challenging and impactful problems posed by digital acceleration.

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We bring our obsession with performance to everything we do.

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Helping start-ups to scale and complex companies change.

Helping start-ups to scale and complex companies change.

View some of our success stories and find out what happens when creativity, data and technology collide.

Digital Evolution - CVA Silicone, Zurich Switzerland

Digital Evolution - CVA Silicone, Zurich Switzerland
Kara5 - CVA Silicone, Zurich Switzerland

Enabling better business focus, enhancing lead generation and achieving 3x more sales than expected through a successful digital evolution.

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Digital Transformation - SpiroChem, Basel Switzerland

Digital Transformation - SpiroChem, Basel Switzerland
Kara5 - Spirochem, Basel Switzerland

Accelerating a continuous growth path and achieving consecutive revenue growth, leads and new clients through an agile digital transformation.

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eCommerce Evolution - ABHATI Suisse, Switzerland

eCommerce Evolution - ABHATI Suisse, Switzerland
Kara5 - ABHATI Suisse, Switzerland

Bringing ABHATI’s premium in-store shopping experience to eCommerce, embracing the rise of eCommerce sales and opening up a new revenue stream.

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Our partners in growth.

Our partners in growth.

We have a privilege to work with some of the best brands in Switzerland and internationally. Always taking care of their business goals and objectives, we create results measured in real time, together.

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Abhati Suisse

"I have collaborated with Kara5 for about 7 years now and my company SpiroChem has used their services in variety of functions. They are proactive and extremely reactive and we have integrated their team and services in our global marketing strategy. Kara5’s market-leading expertise for web design, SEO and digital marketing allowed us to increase our visibility on the market. The quality of their service is amazing and I recommend Kara5 without hesitation."

Thomas Fessard | CEO, SpiroChem - Switzerland

"Our partnership with Kara5 marked a turning point in our communication strategy and it has made all the difference. Now it is clear that Kara5 approach has generated positive feedback and quantifiable benefits for our company."

Nicolas Oternaud | Chairman, CVA Technology - Switzerland

"The Kara5 team is sharp, pro-active and has a true passion for driving digital growth. We look forward to becoming digital champions together!"

Mark Brunner | CEO, ABHATI Suisse - Switzerland.

"I have been working with Vojdan and his Kara5 team for the past 8 years, using their services for many of my ventures. I am amazed by their creativity, their incredible responsiveness and their ability to deliver high-quality work in record time. I have yet to come across another digital marketing agency that can match this value proposition."

Peter Harboe-Schmidt | Chairman, Glycemicon - Switzerland

"It was a pleasure working with Vojdan and his team. They paid attention to every detail and were very helpful and knowledgeable on all aspects of web design and digital marketing. They went above and beyond to make sure that everything was exactly how we had envisioned."

Bertrand Faure | Founder & CIO, Pascal Investment Advisers - Switzerland

“Kara5 transformed our online presence with their exceptional web design skills, delivering a visually appealing and user-friendly website that exceeded our expectations. Their promptness in addressing our queries and their expert guidance throughout the process made our experience outstanding.”

Annina Ruffner | Head, BottNeuro - Switzerland

"Joh. Springer’s Erben is passionate about providing customers a great experience in all of our stores and online. For achieving the next step, a state of the art webshop and driven customer audience, Kara5 has helped us to innovate our eCommerce platform and website to maximize our potential. With their quality of work and fast support in all regards we found solutions for every problem and already thinking ahead for the future needs of our customers. We look forward to our strong partnership in the future, which will bring our online-appearance to perfection through our long-term strategy."

Simon Huber | Marketing & Webshop, Joh. Springer's Erben - Austria

"Kara5 played a crucial role in helping us take our online business to the next level. Their fast and efficient service made the process stress-free for us and their forward-thinking digital approach has allowed us to tackle any issues that arose and plan for future customer needs. We look forward to continuing our partnership and bringing our online presence to new heights with our long-term digital strategy."

Martin Ten Wolde | Owner, Kristal Coatings - Netherlands

"What I loved most about Kara5 was how they offloaded so much of the work from us. I had tried working with another company in the past, but they demanded so much information from us that we never got started! Kara5 asked for so little from us and instead anticipated our needs, found what they needed online and surprised us with an amazing web page! They were also extremely accommodating with all our requests and wishes. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for top-notch, world-class digital solutions."

Barbara Roux-Levrat | Managing Director, Noble Manhattan - Switzerland

"Kara5 has changed our approach to the digital world and helped us create a digital proposition unlike any other in the market. For over 5 years, Kara5 has been helping us to steadily increase sales by continuously improving our digital business."

Dr. Leopold Decloedt | Founder, Managing Partner, Connect - Austria

"Great Team. Great Work. Great Commitment. Full Competence. Full customer satisfaction."

Michael Bibaritsch | General Manager, Prime Consulting - Austria

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