Strategic digital solutions.

Welcome to kara5

We reshape companies into digital businesses
and develop strategic digital solutions all around the world.

Our Philosophy

We have created our digital agency with a simple philosophy: Focusing on success & support.
We care deeply about the success of our clients, the growth of our people, and the value of our products & services.

Our Core Values

We are open with our clients - confident in our expertise, our people and our approach.
We are smart - combining experience and talent to deliver smarter solutions for our clients.
We are thoughtful - helping our clients and our people in a number of ways.
We are adaptable - working swiftly in complex markets and industries.
We are strategic - always thinking 5 moves ahead.

Kara5 5

Our Services

kara5 is a leading full-service digital marketing agency, for shaping your company’s digital transformation in Switzerland and internationally. Dedicated to the highest level of digital service, we develop high-end digital products and solutions driven by data, intuition & experience at the same time.

Our Expertise

Digital transformation

Digital marketing strategy

Custom development

Photo and video production

Insights through data

Brand communication strategy

UX web design

SEO – Search engine optimization

Our Clients

We are a digital marketing agency with a privilege to work with some of the best brands in Switzerland. We see our clients as partners and we engage with them in a number of ways. Always taking care of their business goals and objectives, we create results measured in real time, together.

Some of the clients that we moved forward: