Kara5 and Mehr:wert Gmbh are pleased to announce their new strategic partnership, combining Kara5’s world-class digital marketing services and next-gen web development solutions with Mehr:wert’s industry-leading digital media services and highly interactive media production, with the shared aim of facilitating the digital evolution of their clients.

With technology playing an increasingly critical role in every aspect of business, companies recognise that they need to accelerate the development of digital solutions to ensure they remain on the competitive vanguard. The Kara5 and Mehr:wert partnership brings together deep skills in business and technology strategy, product ideation, technology development and deployment, and organizational change management to help support their clients through successful digital transformations.

The Kara5 and Mehr:wert partnership is a powerful alliance. Kara5’s strategic use of data and digital marketing, its deep web development expertise, and agile, collaborative approach is in alignment with how Mehr:wert team works. We believe this collaboration will generate industry-leading digital solutions for our clients.” stated Vojdan Karapetkovski, CEO of Kara5.

Partnering with Kara5 to facilitate the digital transformation of our clients will allow us to provide the very best business, communication and user experience strategies on which we’ll conceptualize, design, and build the next generation of transformative enterprise and digital products.” said Sebastian Retz, CCO of Mehr:wert.

This partnership offers a one-of-a-kind blend of the latest technological innovations in the online and the offline world. The unification of Kara5’s unparalleled skills in business and digital marketing strategy and data research, and Mehrwert’s extraordinary media production know-how, which encompasses everything from initial brainstorming through hardware & software development to logistics & on-site support, will solidify the market position of their premium forward-looking clients across the globe, who recognize the need of a successful digital transformation as a wise long-term investment.

About the companies:

Kara5 is a leading next-generation digital agency that helps clients accelerate their transformation by delivering digital evolution to enterprises in the DACH region and globally. Committed to providing first-class digital solutions and with its proven track records of successful digital transformation projects, Kara5 takes pride in being a key factor for the strong growth and rapid development of numerous clients of all sizes and industries, such as BMW, MINI, CVA, SpiroChem, Porsche, JSE and many others. Its one-of-a-kind digital marketing approach based on accurate data and the latest digital technologies meets the most versatile business needs.

Discover more: https://kara5.com/

Mehr:wert GmbH is an agile future-looking company providing leading-edge media production services to international brands and companies of all sizes and industries. Their client portfolio includes established global brands, such as Google, IBM, T-Mobile, O2, Procter & Gamble, Adidas, Hugo Boss, BMW, Porsche, Siemens, Bosch, Dell and many more. Their unique custom-made interactive and innovative media solutions have contributed to numerous outstanding product launches, impressive company events and in-store product presentations, which have resulted in strong company growth and improved brand awareness and brand positioning of their clients.

Learn more: https://mehrwertxlabs.com/