What is the best way to relieve work-stress?

Sure, massages will do most of the time, but sometimes we need that extra kick that the every day’s caffeine doesn't provide to the required extent. Being always there for our clients during our working time is what makes us truly satisfied, but sometimes it happens that it does take its toll making us tired during after work.

That's why we've visited the Shooting Range - Hunters Lodge in which we can try our skills on different levels than those in the office.

The rules were simple. Each one of us gets 15 bullets and shoots at a target from a medium proximity, trying to gather as much points as possible. By the time we were finished, the testosterone levels were flying through the roof and not a single team member present seemed to dislike the experience. Sometimes the simplest satisfaction can do a lot for one's stress levels and move mountains of stress in just about half an hour.

As it turned out, most of us were really good and managed to gather more than 80 points. Most of us is the keyword in that sentence, since one of our team members managed to hit the target only twice - once in the two pointer and once in the logo on the edge of the target.

We laughed it off and proceeded to dine at the restaurant, celebrating a beautiful news we have received earlier about a breakthrough in the personal life of one of our team members.

Was this the best way to relieve the work-stress?

We are not sure, but it sure did work and instantly made us forget about everything else. We all went home like shooting stars, ready for the daily routines of providing killing-high-end products & services, precisely aimed for meeting our clients targets.