Our long-term client SpiroChem needed a hard-hitting digital campaign to launch their new line of products – SpiroKits™.

The challenge for Kara5 was how to trigger the chemistry audience with an out-of-the-box approach & communication that will steer their attention towards this fast solution to all of their pressing problems.

We launched a series of teaser videos called "Breaking Walls” which takes a non-traditional approach to the presentation of new products in the chemistry industry and disrupts the common marketing paradigm.

The videos were followed by an effective and strategic use of data-driven digital marketing that reach their customers in a meaningful way across all channels.

So far the campaign has been a notable success. Every new segment of SpiroKits™ line is making an even bigger buzz and wins popularity among leading pharma & biotech companies.

A large amount of SpiroKits™ were ordered in the meantime and the chemistry toolboxes are making their way in numerous laboratories across the globe.