The Macedonian Chambers of Commerce, in cooperation with the credit rating agency Target Group, are awarding the prestigious Certificate of Excellence that identifies companies as being among the top 2% most successful companies in Macedonia.

The Certificate of Excellence is a long-standing national certificate that gives the selected companies a greater reputation among others and proves that the company is a trustful partner. This certificate of business success is calculated based on 18 performance and liquidity parameters (financial report), company solvency and litigation.


“We’re proud to be selected among the top 2% of Macedonian companies. Kara5’s presence in Macedonia is almost as strong as our brand’s 9 years of existence, making this recognition a special one, as it celebrates our year-on-year continued business growth. Congratulations to all the team members who worked on making all this possible!” stated Vojdan Karapetkovski, CEO of Kara5.