At Kara5, our doors are perpetually ajar for global intellects seeking internships. We strive to impart our acquired wisdom and experience, fostering an atmosphere conducive to the growth of our interns. In return, our workspace thrums with the contagious enthusiasm and collaboration of these fresh minds eager to advance alongside us.

This summer, we had the delightful opportunity to mentor Nikolina during the months of May, June and July. Her invaluable contributions to our Digital Marketing team were commendable. We navigated her through the intricacies of Search Ads, SEO, Content Writing, and Social Media Marketing, enriching her knowledge and experience in these vital fields.

Who is Nikolina?

I am a Media and Public Relations major at the Academy of Arts and Culture, Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek, Croatia. To make the most out of my studies, I felt the need to gain practical knowledge, experience a different learning and working context and develop skills I was certain I lack. Finding this perfect opportunity at Kara5 is truly inspiring and motivating for my future, and gave me a perspective of working in an international context I’ve never thought of before.


What was your favorite part of this internship?

Working in a diverse environment where each person is treated with respect and never looked down on, is what amazed me at Kara5. The friendly approach with no judgement or demand of previous (work) experience, and the willingness to help me learn and grow made me realize I chose the right company to have my internship at. If I ever have the chance to meet my colleagues again, I would do it in a heartbeat.

Was this internship what you expected it to be?

I was always the one who would expect so much and usually get almost nothing. Deciding to go abroad for three months was a game changer as I wanted to be surprised, not expecting anything. It turns out, that was an amazing choice, as this internship gave me everything in their power. I had the opportunity to learn something new about the digital marketing industry, work with many competent and reliable colleagues who motivated me to express my ideas and thoughts. Maybe I did not expect any of this, but I am glad I got to experience it!


Describe one day at Kara5.

Each day I would come to the office, I’d be greeted with smiling faces, already fully in their work obligations, but still willing to teach me about the client and the goals they’re working on. I would be given tasks from my mentors or help a colleague finishing up a running campaign. Distribution of given obligations was very clear and understanding, I had plenty of time and suggestions to complete an assignment. I am glad to see the team puts so much effort and precision to the details, never risking great mistakes or omissions. Working with the team on real projects and campaigns led to my skills improvement as I gained knowledge in SEO, keyword research and analysis, social media activity planning and creating content. I was also encouraged to obtain certifications in Google Search and Display Ads, which is an exciting addition to my CV.


What skills did you gain from this internship?

To start, I certainly have a better understanding of the diversity in a foreign society, whom I’ve been a part of for quite some time. I’d say I have improved my cultural competences, easily adapted to the foreign environment and language. I was determined to develop my cognitive skills which would certainly lead to my personal growth. During the course of three months, I’ve learned to identify trends, challenges and problems, to offer analysis and solutions. I’ve expanded my knowledge in digital technologies and then implemented it to the projects or client’s campaign I assisted in. I was given the trust, professional guidance and mentorship, which allowed me to have a clearer idea about my professional career aspirations and goals.

How do you plan to apply those skills in the future?

Seeing that now I am better capable of taking over work tasks with high responsibility, I am certain I would like to continue improving myself professionally. But firstly, I need to finish my master’s degree, and I’ve realized that I can implement acquired skills to the research parts of my thesis. I would love to have a work opportunity to prove what an amazing team I was a part of, to prove to myself and the Kara5 team that I'm truly appreciative of what they put their efforts into.

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