PHP Developer (Medium)

We can tell you that we need a team player who is open-minded and willing to learn and grow with us, yet, this is not very specific, so let us tell you a little bit about you (bear with us, we wanted to sound a little poetic here).

You have experience developing on PHP and Laravel. Or, either one of them, but you are willing to learn how to work with the other one as well.

A lot of what you've learned, you owe to people who have shared their knowledge and you think that this is a nice thing to do. You're open-minded and you love presenting your ideas to other people, listening to theirs, and exchanging feedback. Teamwork is just your thing.

A significant amount of the time you spend programming is spent thinking and researching solutions, not just typing code. You try something new on every project you work on, because you're not satisfied with how you did something on the last one — even though you know it was "good enough". While you appreciate a nicely decoupled and testable codebase, and always aim for that, you're pragmatic enough to be able to make good decisions about which parts of a system might not really require that.

If this is more or less you, we'd love to meet you so you can tell us about the cool stuff you've worked on, and what kind of stuff you'd like to be working on in the future. We'll offer you room to grow as a web developer, work on exciting projects, a friendly team that likes to have a lot of fun, a competitive salary and a relaxed working environment, as well as an awesome office with various types of coffee.

If you're interested in talking with us, you can upload your CV via the contact form below this text, or just send us an email to and we'll get in touch as soon as we receive it.

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