Exploring the design of the nature is nourishing for the spirit. As we are living in a stressful time filled with deadlines and with the rush-hour now lasting for multiple hours a day, the thing we most crave for as people and rarely realize it is keeping in touch with the nature and life itself. That is exactly what motivated us to take a field trip to the Canyon of Matka, where we went for a two-hour long round of canoeing down the length of the most beautiful canyon and landscape in the region.

As the fresh air filled our lungs, with the sun flickering in the water ripples, our minds seemed to be synchronized and were finally operating on the same frequencies. With the great teamwork, even the less experienced of us managed to last through the whole trip.

With nothing but silence and beautiful scenery, we understood once again that no matter how experienced we are in Web Design and Graphic Design, the best designer will always be Mother Nature, and her works will always be there to provide us with inspiration for the next project to come.

No team has ever been built in a day. It requires understanding, patience and activities in and out of the workplace to accomplish real team bonding and to nourish every single talent that a team member possesses.

That is the main reason the team building activities are crucial for the team development and the benefits are felt in every situation later in the office. Creativity cannot be wasted, but the creative parts of our brain need regular maintenance to keep our design creativity and the creativity itself at the maximum level.

We spent the evening dining in the restaurant of the Canyon Matka resort, cherishing our life, the company that brought us together and the company of each other, knowing that moments like these are what make us friends, in the first place, and even then real colleagues.