It is our great honor to announce that Kara5 has signed an agreement with the Creative School of Design - "Graphic Lyceum Utrecht". For more than 100 years, the Graphic Lyceum Utrecht has been a future-proof, small-scale vocational school in Media, Design and Communication that is closely connected with industry and society.

The agreement stipulates that students who have completed the third year of their studies, have a chance to be interns at Kara5. Thus, they will get the opportunity to put theory into practice and apply their knowledge working on real-life marketing projects.


The design, which is an integral element in all the activities offered by Kara5, such as: Digital Design, UX Design, Web Design, Responsive Web Design shall enable, by the practical working of students in a dynamic environment, a complete upgrade of their theoretical knowledge.

The first student to join Kara5 for additional training and practical work is Chanou Sol, who started her 6-month internship on 01.09.2017.

The Creative School of Design - "Graphic Lyceum Utrecht" has a creative environment where students are able to truly embrace their true self and fully develop their talents. The choice of studies is wide and the students gain knowledge of the world of media, design and communications. Studies are inspiring and stimulating with the purpose to build a foundation of the life-long learning of the students.

We are looking forward to our successful and long term cooperation,