Venture off the beaten track and discover new horizons.

ON A MISSION presents the new BMW X3 as free-spirited and independent, always ready to push the boundaries.

The main idea is the passion that transforms a job or a hobby into a mission. BMW X3 celebrates people who pursue their dreams with relentless passion – people on a mission.

The “ON A MISSION” slogan calls on viewers to be daring and move in the direction of their dreams.

The integrated digital marketing campaign, accompanied by a TV campaign for the new BMW X3, took place in December 2017.

We created a PPC and social media campaign, including a campaign video for TV and social media, which sparked an engaging discussion with the fans. With social media posts, banners and various types of online ads, customized content was distributed to present the new model and trigger the target audience. Through the 360 degree video ad, the viewers had the chance to see what the driving experience inside BMW X3 would look like.

“‘On a Mission’ pays tribute to a life full of passion, inner drive and true dedication,” explains Hildegard Wortmann, Senior Vice President of the Brand BMW. “The BMW X3 brings this dynamic to the automotive world and guarantees a thrilling driving experience, no matter where your passion takes you.”

“ON A MISSION” uses strong visual storytelling to highlight the off-road character and the ground breaking innovations of the new BMW X3.