We are pleased to announce our second B2B event in Vienna, Austria: Impulse 2020: Digital Talks that we co-host with our business partners Demuth.

After the success of our first event in 2018 and our fruitful cooperation, we decided to organize a second and bigger follow-up event that will deal with the digitalization in B2B businesses, mobility and fashion.

Along with Dr. Leopold Decloedt, Norbert W. Scheele, Sebastian Retz, Frank Schmid, our CEO, Vojdan Karapetkovski, will give a talk with the title “Win with Data”- Accelerate your business growth through a data-driven digital strategy.

The event will take place at the Weisenheimer Hub in Vienna, Austria, on 30 January, starting from 16:30h.

Click here to book tickets and to see the full day Impulse 2020 Vienna agenda.