Front-end Developer

You want to expand the limits of your knowledge and the borders of your creativity cannot be limited by any browser's edges.

You strive to complete every project at the speed of 60fps and translate every design into a pixel-perfect page that looks great on all devices.

You have the knowledge and you strive to complete your frontend engineering skills by building client-side apps using React or Angular.

You are one of the rare front-end developers that kicks ass with Git.

You preferably have experienced with HTML, CSS, Javacript and jQuery (okay, not necessarily with all of them), you understand their inner workings and you easily learn new ones.

Your artistic side drives you to see each website as a work of art displayed on the web for everyone to see.

You are detail-oriented and care about every single HTML element and class you use to style your markup.

You love playing with mixins, CSS animations, and JavaScript callbacks.

You see every project as an opportunity to try something new, and do stuff better - even if you sometimes realize you made a bad decision, at least you know for next time (we all make mistakes, but mistakes are an integral part of learning).

Every bug is a nightmare for you, but you're brave and don't let them discourage you, so you always get rid of them as soon as possible.

You do your best to satisfy your own criteria first and foremost, but also to understand and fulfill the client's requirements.

So if you'd like to spend your days with an awesome team, working on exciting and challenging projects, and every day coming closer to becoming a senior front-end developer, you can upload your CV via the contact form below this text, or just send us an email to, and we'll get back to you ASAP.

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